About Counseling
Janet Anthony, MA
Here are some descriptions of counseling and the role of the counselor that let you know how I imagine the therapy process.

What is counseling?  It’s a place…
¤ Where you can explore your Self, behavior, ideas, and feelings in a calm
  atmosphere with confidentiality, and without judgment or criticism
¤ Where you can work at getting free from the control of negative or anxious
  thoughts and beliefs
¤ Where you can allow yourself to dream and begin to imagine
  how you want things to be different
¤ Where you can identify and remove blinders and road blocks, getting unstuck
  from the old patterns of self sabotage and moving toward better mental health
¤ Where you can work on whatever your individual needs might be, ranging from
  defined issues requiring  brief intervention, to complex issues that may warrant
  more intensive psychotherapy
¤ Where clock time is on hold, tasks, distractions and pressures are set aside, so
  that you can experience what is inside that needs your attention

What is a counselor?  Someone who...
¤ Is a good listener who can validate and mirror back what you may be
  saying, whether or not you are conscious of saying it
¤ Is a witness to your personal experience and a catalyst of change
¤ Helps you to see yourself more clearly
¤ Is neutral and can help you look at your life with fresh eyes, and without the bias
  of a friend or family member
¤ Is honored to be present to the journey on which each client embarks
¤ Is your collaborator and agent of change
¤ Is more like a midwife and less like a director
Licensed Professional Counselor
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